Top 2018 Security and Privacy Stories

The top cybersecurity and privacy trends that biggest impact in 2018.

It was only three days into 2018 when one of the year’s biggest security stories broke about the Meltdown and Spectre flaws in modern microprocessors. From there, the calendar filled quickly with both privacy and security SNAFUs. While some of year’s privacy and security missteps were just a passing dark cloud, others left an indelible mark on the security landscape. Need some hints on what those events were? Just ask Mark Zuckerberg for starters.
Here is a look back at some of 2018’s most important privacy and security stories.

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  • Bryan on

    Where are the lookbacks?
  • Anonymous on

    dam, cryptoming gangs are the worst
  • Richa Sharma on

    According to the report analysis, ‘Cyber Security Market Research Reports’ states that the governments and foremost industry verticals are set to highly invest in improved solutions for cyber security pressures and breaches in the commercial industry verticals. In addition, in the present trend, the IoT innovative technology is compelling industry players to offer an extensive range of services for their customers to develop the customer observation and loyalty. The government and organizations are encompasses the digital technology as a new business strategy for the significant growth of the revenue and to rise the footprints around the globe. Moreover, in the coming years, many of the organizations will approve the digital technology that will straight impact on cyber security market.

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